Thursday, July 5, 2007

weird hotel requests

Over the past 2-3 months I've sorta thought about stopping this whole blog nonsense... on one hand it's kinda cool to get anywhere from 50-100 hits day (shameless bragging) but on the other it's a little bit hard to think of something interesting to to talk/vent/mock on a nearly daily basis. After all, you can only make so much for of Indian people....ok ok, I jest, there are always new and exciting things to poke fun at in my community.

But the real underlining point is that writer's block sucks. As such interesting things always pop up when you least expect it.

I was booking a hotel today for a trip in a few weeks when the reservation (which I have snazzily abbreviated as "rezzie" while in discussions with friends and family) guy and he asked "Do you have any special request?" This is a pretty standard questions I guess and follows their predetermined list of questions, so I told him that besides a no-smoking room, I was good to go.
This is where my stroke of genius occurred...

You see the rezzie guy seemed pretty nice and actually was pleasant during my typical Indian-style jokes. "So if you want to give me the second night for free, I don't mind" or "Hey, you can give me free parking if you want." Both remarks had been met with a chuckle...and both were shot down...

Anyhoo, after giving my response for any special requests, I asked "what kind of weird requests have you gotten?" ...and this is what followed:

1) A guest once asked for a room that was no less than $10,000 and had pink flowers everywhere but NO roses or carnations... furthermore in all the bouquets of flower no two similar flowers could be next to each other. Apparently some guy was doing this for his wife...he must've messed up big time...

2) In Dubai a guest once looked at the number of tiles in the bathroom and saw that there were 13.5 tiles (half a tile was cut off). The man complained that he must only be in a room with an even of tiles. This is weird enough...I mean it's sorta like Howard Hughes type of thing. The real kicker was that the hotel was in the form of a there weren't any straight lines in the entire hotel....hence any bathroom tile situation will always have some corner cut off. The guest had to change hotels...

3) A man once asked for a room with no windows. Enough said..

4) A man booking an expensive room asked if he could "get a private consultation with the Pope." Ron was like "um, we have a lot of strings we can pull here, but the Pope isn't one of them."

5) ...and what hotel story would be complete without people asking for certain "nighttime entertainment folks..."

So basically the 30 minute discussion with "Ron,"who I learned had been in the army many years ago and had been shot at before, was for the benefit of you the reading audience. Enjoy it bitches.

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Anonymous said...

Working at the front desk in NYC, I once had a guest ask to wear my shoes as he had forgotten to pack a pair of dress shoes. I obliged and he tipped me $100.