Tuesday, July 24, 2007

straight stories: relationships with other guys

I'm a rather straight guy. I mean with the exception of a small affinity for pink belts and shirt, I think everyone who knows me would agree. I mean I like girls. I like trucks. I like steak. And you know, I can comfortable say that Rock Hudson was a pretty good looking dude back in his day, regardless of what his orientation was.

All of these facts are helpful in my books to setup the story of my Friday evening. While sitting alone at a hookah bar (Horus, on 10th and Ave A) I noticed a guy meeting two people who were already seated. The late arriving guy (Indian...clearly on I.S.T.) immediately started talking about sneakers and places to get a new pair of Adidas's that were hard to find.. In an instant my heart raced to hear about a person having a sneaker fetish like I do. I mean I guess I knew other people had it, I mean Turtle on "Entourage" does along with a ton of Japanese people, but I'm pretty sure they're not real people. The Indian guy was wearing like a cool track jacket and started talking about music and stuff.

In a span of 4-5 minutes all I could think about was: (1) I want to get to know this guy! and (2) How do I go about doing this? I had a man crush. I had stumbled upon the age-old question of how do guys make friends with other guys without appearing...well....gay? It sounds dumb but there really is no good way to make friends with strangers. Unless the guy is a friend of a friend, there is always going to be some underlying weirdness.

I ended up spending the next 20 minutes thinking of what random things I could say to join their conversation in a manner that would make it seem natural for a random person 20 feet away (me) to approach three strangers. Alas I couldn't. This whole thing struck me as odd.

So there I was, a straight male flustered over not being able to meet guys. I just wanted someone I could talk about shoes and clothes with. But I guess that's too much to ask for.


Shahnazzz said...

My heart goes out to you. Consider taking straight girls with you as wingwomen so you can meet straight women with sneaker fetishes.

Shakes said...

hmm. OR i can just meet non-straight people with sneaker fetishes...