Sunday, July 29, 2007

greetings from eng-ur-land and lovely Heathrow Airport...

One of the nice things about traveling is learning that dealing with call centers can be just as painful as it is back home. The reason for this obvious... you're dealing with the same call centers in Bangalore. Well that would make for a boring post if everything was reduced to it rational causes. As we all know it's much funner to act ignorant and ironically poke fun at other people's stupidity. That is the nature of my humor. That pretty sums up who I am.

But I digress.

For whatever reason my AT&T/Cingular/Shitty service doesn't get international roaming, or rather it's not working. It's not the phone, since it works here, but it's the service. So being logical and rational I figure I should contact the customer service people through their chat window thingy online....this is my conversation

[Charles - A representative has joined the session.]

Charles: Thank you for visiting myWireless at My name is Charles.

Shekhar: hi "Charles"

Charles: How may I help you?

Shekhar: i'm currently in London and when i left i had everything on my account setup to make call internationally and to have my phone work here, and it doesn't...

Shekhar: my phone supports everything (i've used the same one with a t-mobile account before) and i was assured it would work...

Charles: I apologize but you will have to call Customer Service at 001 916 843 4685 (an international, free call from your wireless device) for assistance with that.

Shekhar: yeah but i don't have access to a phone

Shekhar: ...because i'm not able to use mine and there isn't one here....

Charles: I'm sorry but that is the department you would need to speak with.

Shekhar: wait, am I missing something, aren’t you supposed to be customer service?

Charles: yes

Shekhar: what do i do?

Charles: Call that number when you get to a phone.

Charles: Is there any way I can further assist you today?

Shekhar: well to be honest it’s sorta hard for you to further assist me when you haven’t really helped me yet

Charles: We are always working to improve the AT&T Click to Chat customer service experience. To help us with this effort, please take our short survey. We appreciate and review your feedback; however, we are unable to respond to questions submitted in this survey. If you have an issue that requires assistance, please call Customer Service at 1-800-331-0500.

Shekhar: let me ask you a question, do you really want me to fill out a survey of my service experience?

Charles: Thank you for visiting myWireless at

[Charles - user has closed this session]

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Shwetha said...

a representative has joined this session.

wonder where i heard that last hmmm