Sunday, July 8, 2007

the bowl of toilet

Do you ever go to the bathroom after eating a big greasy meal, walk into the stall, and just say to yourself "Toilet bowl, I am going to fuck you up" ?

...And the bowl is just like sitting there in all its porcelain glory all like "Hey I didn't do nothing to you." And you're all like "don't get up in my grill, bowl you." And the toilet bowl is just all sitting there and shit. Literally.


witnee said...

Personally I have no idea what you're talking about. Especially in terms of your toilet.
is that a web image or an original?

Shakes said...

hmm. that is odd. well as for the image it is most certainly a web image, and is not my own pic. i actually took a picture of the toilet that made me think of this post with my phone, but it wasn't uploading to my computer or some reason. there you have it, the first time ever a comment is longer than the actual post.

Anonymous said...

i so know what you mean. i had that exact same moment with my toilet yesterday. :)