Sunday, June 24, 2007

Signs God is Laughing at You: #17

Occassionally in life it's important to recognize when you're getting shat upon. It's one thing to complain that "oh my day sucks.. my computer is down...blah blah blah" it's quite another to take note of how it does suck. On a sidenote, isn't it funny that we always blame computers for ruining our day, but we never say "Man I was having a so-so day but then my computer just took over and knocked shit out". Go figure. Big ups PC's.

Aiight back to my recognition of recent suckhood:

1. Travel Suckiness
On my recent trip to South Beach my weekend almost got derailed before it even started. My 4pm departure from Newark (Liberty International, "where the war against terror takes off!") Airport to Miami was nearly killed. I left work in downtown Manhattan at 2:30pm and still had to go home, finish packing, get a cab, and make it to my gate. As if that wasn't bad enough, the kind people at Continental Airlines decided to have my flight leave from the furthest gate possible, Gate C88. Sometimes in life it's good to take a step back and laugh at how hopeless things can seem.

2. Line Suckiness
Driving is fun, but don't take my word for it, people have been driving for several years now. Anyhoo, if there's one thing worse than being in a long line, it's being the last person in line. Who here hasn't taken a silent sigh when you're stuck in a godforesaken line at the post office during tax season and had 100 other shmucks line up right behind you. It's hard to find pure happiness in life, it's much easier to feel better about yourself through the misery of others. As you can see from the picture to right, being stuck in a traffic jam is bad enough..
...but take a look at my rear view mirror in the picture below...there is only one F'n car behind me for like hundreds of yards! I'm like literally the last person in line on the entire freeway. Why me? Is that even possible.


Rodrigo said...

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Shakes said...

thank you el hombre misterioso!

Paul said...

God doesn't laugh people, he blesses them