Thursday, July 19, 2007

the shitty Showcase Showdown prize package on "The Price Is Right"

When I was a kid my favorite TV show was The Price Is Right. TPIR rocked on so many levels. I loved the games, I loved girls, and most of all I loved Bob Barker. He's sorta like the Hugh Hefner of game shows. Let's just say that Wink Martindale (remember Tic Tac Dough?) was never quite as suave. Well maybe suave isn't the right word...that probably belongs to Alex Trebek. If Bob Barker is Hugh Hefner, than Trebek is like Clooney.

My friend Ernie once made it to the The Price Is Right and was the first person to get called up to the contestants row. He then proceeded to lose for the next into an argument with Bob, had one of his guesses misheard, and had someone outbid his level by $1....this my friends is the ultimate dick move in game show nation. (However in my observations of the types of things they do in Japanese game shows I imagine that the phrase "dick move" is probably a much more literal meaning)

Anyhoo their are a couple of events on The Price Is Right which I always couldn't wait for. One was the game Plinko. Why I enjoyed a game that simple involved putting a token-thingy down some vertical maze is beyond me. Secondly was some game which involved a Swiss hiker and some funny Ricola-esque theme music. Every time a contestant guessed a price wrong the little hiker dude would climb higher and higher while the music played in the background "La-dee-doo-dee-daaa, la-dee-doo-dee-daaa...."

However each of these game could not be relied upon alone because there was no guarantee that they would be played on any particular episode. BUT what would happen on every episode was the Showcase Showdown at the very end. What was remarkable wasn't the fact that it happened, but what occurred during each one.

For whatever reason someone decided that between the potential prize packages, one showcase would be awesome and the other would suck ass. The awesome one usually involved traveling around the world, a new car, an awesome lawn mower of some sorts, and hookers. The other one would usually be some dumb painting, a new bedroom set (usually oak), and lamps. It's almost too funny. The best part is that one of the contestants gets to decide whether to keep his/her showcase or pass it to the other dude. There is nothing funnier than seeing the shitty showcase passed to another contestant.

This my friends is funny. And this also describes much of my TV viewing habits until the age of 13. The house of cards crumbled when my aunt pointed out to me that the whole hour was basically one long commercial for various products and that after each game there was like 3 minutes of commercials. Bob Barker had sold out, and with that nothing was considered sacred any more.


Rush said...

I also loved Plinko. For the same unknown reasons.

Bob Barker is a pervert, fyi. Did you ever watch the E! true hollywood on it??

Shakes said...

yeah they didn't call them Barker's Beauties for nothing..