Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sometimes the best questions in life are the simplest. Why don't all religions realize that they have more threads in common than apart? I dunno. Why don't the protons in the nucleus of an atom tear apart by repelling each other...after all, shouldn't positive forces repel? I dunno. (editor's note: please don't post a comment about strong and weak nuclear forces). Why does each season of the Real World on MTV get progressively worse? Well that's actually one question that I do know the answer to: it's because the people they bring on are a bunch of shmucks.

But instead of dealing with those timeless questions I ask you this, why does the sweet kid below who I spotted at Rockefeller Center in midtown have a shirt that says "Hitler" on the back?...and of course it has to be an Indian kid too, with his parents proudly walking in front of him.

You know people sometimes poke at me (in real life, not in the facebook kinda way) and say that I just like to pick on Indian people. While this may be true, it's not like I can make up these observations. Indians just do goofy things.

Speaking of observations, allow me to make one more: Now I'll be the first person to tell you that racism is bad; there's no appropriate time to show it. BUT that being said, I'm not sure if you've checked the news lately, but of all places to wear clothing that is slightly anti-Semitic, New York isn't one them. Um, yeah...we sorta have like a bit of a Jewish population here, and when I say "a bit" I mean like almost all of it...it's basically Jerusalem West.

Way to go desi. Way to go.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe the kid had no idea what he was wearing?