Monday, May 21, 2007

sugar, my diet, Bloomberg's new font, & the fact that Times New Roman is soooo last year

When I was in 4th and 5th grade my walk home from school included a trip past a 7-11 and liquor store. Aside from the glories of learning new things and edu-ma-cating my brain, the highlight of my day was getting candy before I got home. Now the 7-11 of course offered your standard cadre of food treats, randing from M&M's (both standard and peanut filled) to Snickers and more exotic items like Whatchamacallit's. The liquor store was a bit more interesting because while it did sell liquor (it's most notable sales item) it also sold other goods like hot rod magazines and the crown jewel of all candy…the number one arch nemesis of all dentists….Now & Laters

Today was a bit of a throwback day for me, allow me to elaborate. My diet consisted of:
1) 12 packets of Smarties
2) several handfuls of Gobstoppers
3) one package of Bugles

What's even more ingenious is that a good portion of items 1 & 2 had been consumed by 10am. Being on a sugar high for the better part of a day is fantastic feeling. The only downside is feeling frightfully ill. But do not fret, a nice dose of cream soda around noon time can push off those pesky feelings.

You know it's amazing how acute your senses can be when you're hopped up on sugar. It made my discovery of the change in Bloomberg's font style seem that much exciting. No more Arial font no more. Arial is sooo played out.. Bloomberg was all like "Yo Arial, why don't you go meet your boy Times New Roman on the curb. Beat it, bitches." I guess it's the only thing exciting about the market these days when rate movements of like 5 bps is considered dramatic. But I digress..

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