Sunday, May 20, 2007

my barber

Keepin' it real is just one of my hobbies that I partake in on a nearly regular basis. It ranks up there with keepin' it fresh and keepin' it retro. Also I like soccer. One way in which I keep it real is by getting my haircut at the mall. No fancy shmancy male salon for me. No no no. The mall barbershop, "The Clip Joint" is like a a magical land where shady people and hair care intersect.

While the haircuts are only like $15, the entertainment is priceless. In the course of my last haircut on Thursday my barber proceeded to hold 3 conversations at once; one with me, another with a rival barber, and the third with various people on his cellphone. The cellphone earpiece is a must-have for any barber (and/or taxi driver). Sadly even though I'm the one paying for the barber's time, I tend to get the lowest priority. But that's understandable, he's just trying to get his. His phone conversations were a bit more exciting as over the course of 30 minutes he tried to peddle:
1) speakers for an iPod

2) car stereos

3) phone cards

4) his meal from Panda Express that was just sitting on the counter

....and no I can't make this shit up...

The keepin' it real part really came through with his conversations with the rival barber at the seat opposite to me. There diss session included barbs about who can give a smoother fade and who does the best beard trims. Sadly my demands for a "simple short hair cut" did not allow the artists the proper palette to express their [mad] skillz. It was sorta like both guys were hoping for the occurance of one of the final scenes in the aptly named movie "Barbershop" when the Italian guy and the Black guy have a like a hair cutting faceoff....except like without that really happening.

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Jenn said...

Did he see you take his picture? Why did you take his picture? You know he was at the barbershop for a get his hair cut...