Sunday, May 13, 2007

Asian Honkies

At the end of last week I learned that sometimes Hong Kong is sometimes referred to as "HongKy" for short. I dunno why but this strikes me as very definitively more exciting than the prospect of being a Hong Kong/USD foreign exchange trader ("7.8...7.8....7.8...") but it does. The idea that Asian people can perhaps be called "Hongkies"...or much better "Honkies" shoes that maybe there really are similarities between the people of the Far East and those in the Deep South besides a need to stress cardinal directions (I mean you don't see Nordic people call themselves the Really Really North). But do you know who the real winner of my personal amusement to this Honky phenomenon is? Not me, no no no's you. The viewing public.

As such I think it would be thoughtful to take pictures of people from Hong Kong and write the word "Honky" on them. Of particular help in this useful exercise were pictures from the Hong Kong tourism board. Big ups to yourself.

one Honky

two Honkies

multiple Honkies


Anonymous said...

You're so weird

shwetha said...

i dont know when you last went to hong kong, but calling some one from hong kong a honky/honkie/hongie/honr-k-y, to many in HK, is the equivalent of calling a black man a nigger. fyi.

preachin' it y'all.