Monday, April 9, 2007

tonight's dinner: bean dip + red wine

For anyone who knows me, my eating habits are atrocious. It's not so much that I eat steaks and pure lard every night...although that doesn't sound too bad... it's that I don't really eat very much at all. In fact more often that not I don't eat dinner, and when I do it usually consists of Skittles. About a year ago I lost 15-20 pounds over a 2 month period merely because I had Coke and Jelly Bellies for dinner every weeknight that I wasn't at work. There really isn't a lot of deep introspection or comments about the South Asian diaspora that goes along with this post. I was just watching baseball highlights on my couch watching the season premiere of "Entourage" (by the way, how good is On-Demand? it may be one of the greatest inventions ever...along with the DVR) and realized that for the first time in my life I wanted wine....and what goes better than wine than bean dip.
There you go.

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