Wednesday, April 11, 2007

shameless plug of the day: Kyotofu (New York)

There always a time when you're sitting at work and ya sorta think "this is not for me." The problem is that most of us don't really do anything about it. At the most you see people really change their lives....and go to business school. Well my friend Nicole was a but disgruntled with working in an office building all day and eventually ventured off into the uber competitive world of New York restaurants. Her restaurant Kyotofu Ave, between 48(705 9th & 49th) has been quite a success ever since.

The spot is a Japanese dessert bar featuring traditional dishes with fantastic tastes. It's been a huge success, garnering praises from New York Magazine's Robin Raisfeld as being one of the top new restaurants in the city and for having the best cupcakes in NY (screw you Magnolia!) to name a few.

So anyhoo, I don't earn a commission for this, but it would be wicked awesome if i I did...

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