Sunday, April 1, 2007

hello, my name is Luigi Mario, and this is my super brother Mario Mario

Why is the video game Super Mario Brothers called Super Mario Brothers? I mean the two brothers, Mario and Luigi, don't share a common first name. If the whole game is based on the premise that they are two Italian brothers with a plumbing company, called Mario Brothers, wouldn't they name it after their coommon last name in order to be truly inclusive of Luigi?

I mean I understand Mario is the showboating star, but calling the game Super Mario Brothers makes as much sense as calling it Super Luigi Brothers.

I know all of this is coming as a bit of a shock, so maybe it's helpful to take a step back. Say there are two brothers, Adam Smith and Bob Smith. If they formed a company you'd call it, for example. The Super Smith Brothers. If you called it Adam Brothers it makes no sense. There's only one Adam. How can you have several of them?

Likewise it makes no sense to refer to both brothers as being Mario Brothers. The only way that could make sense is if Mario was also their common last name. That of course would be ridiculous, because their full legal names would be Mario Mario & Luigi Mario. This would not make them Super Mario Brothers at all, it would make them The Fantastically Bad Named Brothers. This would not make for a very catchy video game title.

Now I understand Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario Brothers is Japanese, so maybe details such as this Mario Brothers oddity got lost in translation but still...

Luigi-san deserves better.

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witnee said...

Shigeru Miyamoto is my hero.
if you don't beleive me check out my myspace page.

but good post, I never thought about it before but you're right, the name Mario brothers doesn't make sense at all!

Shakes said...

nintendo has been polluting the world of english grammar for years.

Anonymous said...