Sunday, April 8, 2007

family time, whales, & vomit

Time machines are the coolest things besides hip Japanese kids who have a knack for wearing cowboy hats. The problem is that besides for Marty McFly or Bill & Ted, no one seems to have a working time machine. But alas my friends everyone has one, we just fail to recognize it when we experience it. One of the funny things about going home as you get older is that everyone seems to fall back into their original roles. It doesn't matter what your age is, everything reverts back to when you were about 12 years old.

When this time traveling happens on your own terms, it's fantastic: eating cookies in front of the TV, sitting in the backseat of the car because that was always your spot, wearing PJ's all day.

When it's on your parent's terms it can be painful: be forced to take medications for illnesses you are not suffering from, being told what to wear, getting advice on how to do everything in life better...and so on and so forth.

Going home for my latest 36 hour excursion included an incredible twist in family time that had previously never occurred. Was it going to a new temple that was even farther than the pre-requisite 50 miles? No. Was it fasting for the weekend? No. The idea: to go whale watching.

Konichiwa bitches, it's on.

I'm not sure how this idea came about but in one swoop the chance for sleeping in on a Saturday morning was dismissed and was replaced instead by a 6:30am wake-up call followed by a car ride to the boat docks.

Very often in the course of family events we are forced to do things that we normally wouldn't do. Actually, this happens quite frequently. One could argue that that is by definition what all family time is. But be that as it may, in a funny way I've grown to look forward to these events because there is a weird sorta enjoyment that goes with complaining about family times. In fact seeing my brother's annoyance was worth the price of admission alone...

And with that our family went whale watching in the Pacific. We saw beach front properties, we saw sea lions, we saw dolphins, and we saw...well...more sea. For 2 hours our ship cruised around and not one migrating whale was spotted. But in one of those good feel good "Family Ties" moments, it actually ended up being a ton of fun. AND I got a lotta good pics of people who got sea sick and vomited in the garbage. This my friends is how every Easter weekend should be.

So in the absence of having any whale pictures here are my pictures which are just as exciting and also show mother nature at work:

1. Look! it's Vomit Person #1. The white skirt may have seemed pretty on the land, but I'm sure it's quite splendid with bits of upchuck all over it!

2. The Ulti (hindi for in the food comes out in reverse, out of your mouth) Parade continues, as it's Vomit Person #2! Score one more for sea-sickness

3. Wait a minute, is that the Quaker Oats guy or perhaps Santa? (click the picture to enlarge)

4. If you look closely you can see the dolphin following our boat.
(click the picture to enlarge)

5. After observing the beauty of nature and God's sea creatures, there is nothing more satisfying than enjoying them and tasting that beauty.

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