Thursday, April 19, 2007

DJ Shakes_2007-04-19 (asian underground)
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This week's mix is Asian Underground music, which ranges from classical Indian to drum and bass. The whole genre was really define in Talvin Singh's "Anokha" album from about 10yrs ago. Within the one album compilation of artists who would perform at his club nights in London Talvin basically laid out the soundtrack for an entire genre of music.....which is pretty cool if you think about the fact the opening album of a new genre would encompass all of its possabilities.

My brother was the one who bought the album and with that introduction my next album I got was a "Star Rise Remixed" by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. In the album a bunch of the asian underground artists remixed the great Qawalli vocalists works and that started a moment when yours truly started tracking down all these individual musicians ranging from Asian Dub Foundation to Black Star Liner and Joi.

OK! Enough waxing poetic from me... I hope you enjoy!

T R A C K L I S T I N G (approx 62min)

[0:00] Intro - Me
[1:13] Shri - Tarana
[5:24] Midival Punditz - Fabric/Aaja Savariya
[7:18] Trickbaby - Neelaa (DJ Pathaan remix)
[10:56] Iraj - Mata Aloke Genadevi
[13:04] OTT -Splitting An Atom
[14:31] Nitin Sawhney - The Search
[19:00] Various - The Namesake Reprise
[22:58] Karsh Kale - Instinct
[28:32] Asian Dub Foundation - Debris
[32:19] Future Soundz of India - Shang High
[36:35] Talvin Singh - Butterfly
[40:56] Nitin Sawhney - Mausam
[44:57] Bombay Dub Orchestra - Feel
[48:44] Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan vs. Joi - Sweet Pain (remix)
[54:13] Sister India - Out of Place
[58:02] Navdeep - My Technique

As a quick sidenote, I think Talvin's "Butterfly" may be one of the prettiest non-vocal pieces in the mix and Sister India at the very end (which if you say fast sounds like "Scissor Sisters") is a hidden little gem. The prettiest vocal song in the mix, has to be "Mausam." And there you see the genre is not typical Indian songs nor is it bhangra or just drum and bass. It uses elements of everything and blends it together in a progressive manner...

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Anonymous said...

I love Butterfly. I made my dad listen to it on my ipod and he loves it too. Nice mix =)

Shakes said...

aww, thank you very much! see i bring families together...that's just what i do..