Tuesday, March 13, 2007

why can't Kansas State have Kansas City?

One of the things that I can't quite figure out is why the city of Kansas City is in Missouri. For years I thought the football team the Kansas City Chiefs were in was....well Kansas. I mean the states are right next to each other. Why does the City of Kansas have to find a home in a different state? It's sorta like the NY Giants not playing in NY...oh wait they don't. Or the NY Jets, wait a second. Or hockey's Phoenix Coyotes not playing in Phoenix...wait they actually play in Glendale. Okay okay, what about the LA Lakers...they used to play in Inglewood, CA.

It doesn't really make sense to me and so, what better way of finding out answering for historical anomalies then to look up the history. I'm quite a bright chap, aren't I?

Apparently, according to the Kansas City website the name came while John Calvin McCoy and members of the early inhabitants of the area, who formed the Kansas City in 1850Town Company, held a meeting for a new name. The property, by the way was a 271 acre tract of land bought for $4,220. I'm not sure if those prices would lure me into living in KC today....

Anyhoo after such sparkling names like Rabbitville and Possum Trot, they decided to name it after the Kansa Indians who inhabited the area....and thus the Town of Kansas was born in 1850. It would later become the City of Kansas (and officially KC) in 1889.

See, now wasn't that informative and insightful? Good now go to sleep. I'm tired.


MJK1138 said...

Dude, there is a Kansas City in Kansas State as well.

Shakes said...

son of a b. how do they tell the difference?