Sunday, March 25, 2007

what's the most embarassing movie you've seen with your parents?

At the risk of inflating my importance to the world, I like to consider my phone voicemail as the water cooler to the world. It is here that people can leave messages based on questions I ask, thereby enlightening everyone's understanding of human behavior and simultaneously acting as a barometer to the current state of humankind.

No I don't leave the typical "Hi, this is So-and-So, please leave your name, message, and number after the beep." If you don't know what voicemail is by now, and still rely upon those instructions to let you know what depthless abyss awaits you after the beep, chances are you probably don't have a phone either and hence wouldn't be calling me. Over the past 2 weeks my voicemail message has asked friends, family, wrong numbers, and other callers to state the most embarrassing movie that they've seen with their parents. This of course is coming from the guy who watched "Borat" with his the theatres...twice.

A selection of answers follows:

1. "Showgirls" - A friend saw it with her dad, and there's no denying that unlike the experience of watching "Coming to America" with my neighbor when I was in elementary school, you had to to know this one would be bad parental viewing.
2. "Posse" - An old black cowboy movie (big shout out to Maria Van Peebles) with a steamy sex scene. When the scene came up my friend, watching with his grandfather as a kid, left the room only to really duck behind the couch. That way he could watch it behind his grandfather's head with him knowing.
3. "Revenge of the Nerds" - Oddly enough, this is the answer I get most frequently, namely because of the nudity. I don't think there's one kid who didn't think to themselves after watching the movie that it's probably not so bad being a tri-Lam.
4. "Monster-In-Law" - with a friend's mother-in-law prior to marriage. Sometimes movies aren't just based on true stories, they really are true stories.
5. "Bride and Prejudice" - prior to an inter-racial marriage.
6. "Basic Instinct" - My friend Ryan watched it with his dad in 8th grade. No comment.

I guess the movie which weirded me out the most though seeing it with my parents was "Pulp Fiction." It was a fantastic combination of never ending cursing and a scene that can best be characterized as "The Gimp Scene" that really stands out for me. Let's just say the the time honored tradition of Indian kids making a well-timed walk to the kitchen when something awkward is on TV were plentiful over that 2 hour period.


asian friend said...

I would have to say LA Confidential. Not only were there sex scenes - in my younger days, I would have made a trip to the kitchen during this awkward moment, and the only reason I stayed was to prove to myself I was mature and could handle watching such a scene with Mom, which I found it is NOT the case - Russell Crowe unleashes a torrent of tortured, "Did you ---- him? Did you ---- him?" at Kim Basinger.

Befuddled Mom says, "What does ---- mean?"

Sigh. You can imagine I wish I had taken a trip to the kitchen. Or anywhere but there.

Shakes said...

oh my. that's terrible. it's for this reason that i try to be very careful with watching any movie with Kevin Spacey in it. "American Beauty" wasn't exactly appreciated by the folks...

asian friend said...

And yet Mom enjoyed Borat! Excepting the wrestling scene, of course ; )

Asha said...

Back in college I saw Unfaithful in the theaters with my parents. That was SUPER painful for all parties involved.

Nayantara said...

at 24, my mom tells me when to go to the kitchen :)

Shakes said...

haha...she just doesn't want you to get any ideas. the youth is impressionable you know