Sunday, March 4, 2007

Merry Holi

Okay people, whip out your lunar calendars, it's that time of year again...the Hindu festival of Holi. So if you see random Indian people (which Indians aren't random?) with lots of color in the hair, face, or clothing, do not fear. They are merely celebrating the protection of Vishnu-worshipper Prahlad from a fiery death through the use of his aunt Holika's shawl (sadly she burned)! Drama! Intrigue! Deities! So the next time someone tells you that the Hindu religion has mythologies that are difficult to relate to, just tell them that story. That should clear things up in a jiffy.

Well fiery deaths aside, Holi also has these of marking the beginning of the Spring season, and as such it culminates with the first full moon of the month. The real kicker about the holiday is the fact that people celebrate it by throwing colored water and stuff on relatives and strangers alike for a whole day, and no one can really say anything. How dope is that? If you were to do something like that to people in the city they would probably throw you down a subway stairwell. People are sooo uncultured, I swear.

[insert heartwarming story from my youth here]
When my brother and I were small and lived in Omaha...Oh what a glorious year that was. Our family was basically the only desi family in the region. Whenever our family had dinner at night time it could also be called a dinner for the Indian community of Omaha....but I digress. When my brother and I were younger we had this idea to cut up a bunch of colored construction paper, put them in a bag and hang it precariously from the top of our bedroom door. Then we would yell for mom to come upstairs and have all the colors fall on her head...

What a plan. Quite a good idea. Quiiiite. So we did just that and yelled for mom and sure enough she came through our door wondering what we were yelling about and the bag fell on her hand with little bits of construction paper scattered everywhere. When she glanced at her two devious children, we shouted "Happy Holi." And with that was the first and probably the last time I ever did anything for Holi outside of going to a temple.

So with that, have a hip hop Holi.


Rush said...

dude, you lived in Omaha?

Shakes said...

oh yes. for only one year. but it felt like a lifetime.