Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Kill Jack Kill / Jack MoFo Johnson

As the only L.A. Kings hockey fan on the eastern seaboard life this year has been painful. What they have in young talent they've given up in this year's performance. That being said the greatest hype about to erupt is the potential NHL season debut of Jack Johnson on Tuesday, a 20-year from Michigan (no not the singer).

The buildup around this kid is awesome and in fact the LA Kings fan website has even made a tracker around the kid's movements from college (where his team just got elminated) to L.A. (right now he's in Denver)

Okay well maybe stalking a sophomore in college is a bit much, but did I mention why his nickname is MoFo? Because he kills kids on the ice. You don't believe me? You think it's just some exaggeration? You wondering why you're reading this instead of my review of "The Namesake" or the Surya the Desi Apprentice's interview (both to come shortly)? Well how about this clip below where he basically decapitated a goalie with his shot:

And if you won't more hype, how about THIS.
This my friends is one of the reasons that I have for waking up every morning and smiling. This is the reason that no matter what stresses me at work, my real stress consists of whether I should be getting an Anze Kopitar jersey or Jack MoFo Johnson. Because next season is only 6 months away and oh we'll be at their season opener in London Sept 29th & 30th....

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brown people like hockey?