Saturday, March 17, 2007

Japanese people, being trapped in Atlanta, shopping madness, and Death at Chili's

If someone asks how you spent dinner for the past two weekends, the right answer should not be Chili's-To-Go at an airport. Well, say hello to me, I'm the wrong answer. A simple Friday lunch trip to Atlanta got altered into a 30 hour layover in the Gateway to the South. This only complements being in airports all last weekend

Allow me to back up.

While flying out on Friday morning amidst one cancellation already in the bags by 7am one can't help but feel like they're purposely heading into a disaster. While I was pretty sure I would make it out, getting back with an impending snowstorm to hit the East Coast would be the real trouble. Oh well, what can you do. It's sorta like walking into a room full of unfamiliar elderly desi people. Only awkwardness and pain are to ensue....and yet you must go in. At least I got the upgrade to First Class. If you're gonna be on the Titanic, you might as well be in the Queen's Suite...

One of the things which I do not like to do is talking very loudly on my cell in public areas when people are stuck in close quarters. Hence an airplane is a giant no-no. As such it curious when others do break my Internal Code #5 and I proceed to do exactly what I'm worried about, I listen. In my case there was some Japanese dude seated next to who was hollering in the native tongue. Unfortunately the only things he said in English were the comforting words of "I'm feeling unstable...unstable!" Now I'm a mature person, and I do mature things on occasion. In this situation I felt the most appropriate thing to do was to take a covert picture of him in case the authorities ever asked me about him. You can see the guy in seat 2C in the picture to the right.

Upon landing, having my meeting, and getting back to Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport the imminent delays and cancellations seemed doomed upon me. At 4:15pm while sitting in the terminal the outlook looked bleak...technically my flight wasn't cancelled yet, but I don't have to be shot by a gun to realize that it probably hurts. So I did what any rational person would do. I left the gate, I left the terminal, I hopped into a cab and left the airport.

By the way, on a quick sidenote, passengers traveling to New York may be the amost annoying people to have stuck in an airport because they end up using up any and every power socket available to power-up their laptops, blackberries, and was I aware of this, because I was looking to do the same.

....Okay! back to our story...

So where was I going? What was I doing??!!? Relax my friends and I shall tell you. So the Atlanta Thrashers were playing a hockey game at 7:30pm and I wanted to go. So in the cab I made hotel reservations and was on my way downtown. However surely I couldn't go wearing a suit and tie (a dashing light blue one on a shirt with splendid cuff links) while lugging around a bag. Surely. So I went to the Lenox Square Mall in Buckhead, got there by 5pm and figured that I could by a new wardrobe within one hour, cab it to my hotel, check-in & change, and then cab it to the game. Did I mention that I didn't have tickets for the game...details shmeeetails.

So my shop til I drop extravaganza concluded an hour later with jeans, sweater, shirt, boxers in hand (not sure why I bought them) and oddly enough Tiger Woods Gold 2007 for the Wii (I may be rushed but I keep my eyes on the prize). I checked in, dealt with some incompetent fool concierge tried wasted valuable minutes trying to find me a phone charger and bolted for the arena. After bargaining with some hobo/scalper on some ice level seats, I triumphantly walked into the gorgeous Philips Arena with 2 minutes elapsed in the first period. Luckily the NY Rangers were able to make the game...otherwise the irony of me going to a game because I couldn't make it to NY only to have the game cancelled because of NY not making it to the Durty South would have been too much to bear.

Within 7 minutes (real life, not game time minutes) I had a cold Bud in my hands and life was pretty good. It's Friday night, I'm alone at a hockey game while drinking by myself. I have the word winner written all over me. (
Sadly though my NY bretheren, the Rangers, did not have winner written over them as they lost 2-1 in OT)

I finally made it home today and while my flight was delayed, ruining
my chance of making the 8:30pm showing of the "The Namesake" in Times Square with my cousin (don't worry I bought tickets for it and they got to go, that was like sarcasm just now) at least I made it back home.

While brings us all the way back to Chilis-To-Go in the airport. As you can see, some poor kids
just couldn't take the pain anymore.

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asian friend said...

did you stay at the westin buckhead? that's the one that overlooks Lenox Square and would make more sense. the W is over by the Perimeter Mall and you would have hit that mall up for your Thrashers game.