Sunday, February 11, 2007

"We do, with the help of God"

Sometimes life is a good interlude into, well, life. This past weekend I was in Virginia for my God Son's Baptism (the gorgeous baby to the right). Yes, my friends, I'm the Godfather. Who would've thunk? The underlying thing of course is the interesting side note that I'm not Christian. As it turns out brown boy is pro-polytheism.

The whole thing is funny because as this weekend has approached I thought of three things mainly:

1) the crash and burn experience known as the last time I was in Virginia, one year ago
2) after watching last week's episode of The Office I couldn't help but wonder if I get any special privileges with the God Mother
3) was this whole thing a thinly veiled ceremony to really baptise me?

Well truth be told nothing of that sort happened although I did keep a healthy distance from the Baptismal water just in case the priest wanted to splash me. You never can be sure, even though he seemed like a pretty cool guy. Before the ceremony I was standing next to him for a few moments and I broke the silence by asking "Soooo, you come here often?". He chuckled and responded "I come here once in a while." (also while doing a microphone check prior to the service when he said "hello" it was on way too high causing his voice to resonate loudly in the church to which he said "whoa, that's a bit too God-like, let's turn it down a touch")

What was pretty interesting and unique was that at the end of the service (the Baptism is a part of the weekly service) this particular congregation has a portion where individuals can speak aloud about things which are going well in their life and things which are going poorly. Now I'm not sure how many people feel okay with being open about these things and I know that having this at a church is rather unique, but this is something you wouldn't really see at temples I think. I mean moving away from a religion comparison, just looking at Indian people there is a universal desire to not let others know too much about what's going well and not well at all. In other words, don't tell the family secrets....surely you've heard those words before. As a kid I never knew what these secrets were...perhaps they revolved around the fact that I have a pet peeve of liking my toilet paper to roll outwards as opposed to having it roll inwards, and I will actively change the toilet paper setup in a bathroom in order to suit my fancy of course only in my own home or relatives... but whatever these other secrets were I was not to divulge.

* "We do, with the help of God" is the line the God parents had to say in front of the church


Surya said...

2 thoughts:

1) i've always wanted to be a godfather.
2) seriously? you asked him if he comes here often? seriously? if so: well done, my friend. well done.

Shakes said...

haha, yes i absolutely asked him that bro. even i can't make up stuff like that. luckily the priest had a good sense of humor. and do not fret i shall have your dramatic sunday recap up by tomorrow