Thursday, February 15, 2007

Surya the Desi Apprentice: Part 5: Surya is Grilled

The Apprentice: season 6, episode 5

Ah yes, and so the world of Surya Yalamanchili has started to heat up as he was nearly booted out this past week.

Sadly there isn't anything too dramatic to report except the fact that the mission this week was to sell honey, and like Surya's team didn't.

That's sorta it. There are no cute pop culture references that I can make or random comments about growing up in an Indian family. What I will say is that it's pretty funny how TV can make characters....over the last two week Surya sorta gets edited to seem like a robot tool when in the first 3 weeks he was pretty normal and much loved (case and point, why else would his original team like him so much?)

So with that Surya displayed his Brown Power by actually being one of the few aggressive desis that you see on TV...that aren't the weird desi thugs you see in Jersey...wait a second, didn't he goto Rutgers?

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