Friday, February 2, 2007

"Red Rov-er, Red Rov-er, send my only chance to meet a girl right ov-er"

Life used to be so simple. As a kid one of the bestest games that you could play when you didn't have a ball was Red Rover, Red Rover. Basically a bunch of kids would hold hands on one side of a court and another group of kids would line up holding hands facing them. The goal is for the two sides to take turns calling to the other side and challenge a kid to try to run over to their side and break through the chain of hands. If the kid succeeded and ran through a link of holding hands, then they were able to pick one kid from the line to bring over to his side. If the kid failed then he had to join the other side. The side with all the kids at the end won (duh).

Like I said, if you have a group of friends at recess and you're stuck without a ball of some sorts you're pretty much limited as to what sports you can play...

As any cool kid knows, Red Rover was not about winning....the goal as a boy was to spot the portion of the chain where a group of girls was, and purposely fail to break the chain. Thus you are "forced" to hold hands with the girls. What a life. As far as being a loser goes, it's a pretty solid reward.

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