Monday, February 5, 2007

mutual ass kickings, meeting Alice from Monsoon wedding, & Major Chaddi Tattiram

In life there is good news and bad news. The good news is that tomorrow is expected to be twice as hot as today. The bad news is that today was 4 degrees.

In a weird way having it so damn cold creates a rather interesting social phenomenon. People seem to be friendlier and relate to one another when they have a mutual shit kicking. The best example is in college when you finish finals and find yourself talking to random people about how much you just had your ass ripped from your hide and handed to you on a nice platter.

Likewise crawling into a warm subway station on a night like this is a support group for those who have been collectively ass kicked. After removing gloves and various headgarments it's sorta funny to look around and see your fellow human and ask them if they're alright. Of course when your face is frozen you can't really enunciate words so it sounds more like "yoo awwiiiite?" which they tend to dutifully reply "me goooo it coooolud"

This of course followed a quick dinner in the West Village where yours truly ran into Tilotama Shome....or better known as the maid Alice from the movie "Monsoon Wedding". (or "A-lice" as her male counterpoint P.K. Dubey would say in the movie) It's odd because while she may not be a bollywood star like Rani Mukherjee or anything, her face has to be amongst the more recognizable of recent film lore. She currently is still pursuing an acting career by making ends meet in the city and going to school.

..All of this which finishes with my cousin who's getting his own radio show at Emory to play non-Bollywood songs, Thursdays midnite-1am (EST) that will also stream online live . I don't wanna give anything away but let's just say that a certain listener named Major Chaddi Tattiram* will try to make a call onto the show.

Oh it's gonna be big. Oh yes.

* "Major Chaddi Tattiram" loosely translates into Major Crappy Underwear


Heather said...

whatever happened to Dubey???

Shakes said...

well one way of finding out the answer is by using the internet. log on. it's sweeping the globe.

but seriously he does bollywood movies where he plays like villains and stuff