Saturday, January 20, 2007

Welcome to let's get away!

Brooklyn is one of the few borroughs left where you can order three drinks at a bar, give a $20 bill, and still get some change back. This is quite refreshing compared to Manhattan where you usually would find yourself owing a couple of Dead Presidents.

The problem with Brookyln is that it contains the hipster magnet area of Williamsburg. Within 5 minutes of entering a bar last night (Laila) where I went to watch a friend's band, the glory of Williamsburg made itself known in my conversation with a random stranger. I think the stranger, or Pamela as she's known, probably saw me and said "Look, there's an Indian guy who's dressed up like he just came from work, surely he wants a quick update on my life story over the past 6-7 years along with with hope, ambitions, and career choices." Bakri chod.

So with that Pamela found yours truly and after introducing herself I made the dreaded mistake of leisurely asking " do you live in Brooklyn?" and got the following answer:

"Well I just came here you but you know I've live in some many places. I've lived in the Valley near LA, up to Fresno, Paris and Capetown. But you know I'm into marketing. That's what I do and I like the internationalism of the internet. I mean it's so grassroots. I know this is sooooo Web 2.0 of me to say but it's just breaking things down like typical corporate structures are from the top down but now poeple on the bottom are like 'Fuck this I'm not happy' and so now they have the tools to really make change. I have this killer job with a start-up where you know the main guys are all living know it's so hard to find a place to live in the city you know?...and I'm the only person down here so I'm the person doing things and in the weeds...and sometimes with weed too if you know what I mean...and it's so killer because I just like being at the bottom working up because it's like the web is a giant wind blowing through and shaking everything and it's not just in one direction it's swirling and shifting and I mean if the world is a tree and someone's shaking the branches then I'm saying let's be by the roots right?"

Riiiiight. Dude I just wanted to ask her two questions, "What the hell are you talking about and what did you smoke to make those thoughts?

There is no way that I can make up something like this. I'm not sure where to begin but I'll leave you with two observations:

1) I don't try to stretch stories for the sake of being dramatic, but I'm pretty sure she said the whole diatribe above in one breath.

2) I don't think people should be allowed to use the word "killer" if your only experience of living in Southern California is living in the Valley. Furthermore if you had spent any time living in Northern Cal you are banned from using "killer" and must you "hella" instead.

For all that is good in the world, there are places like Williamsburg and Darfur that make you be glad to be home.

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