Sunday, January 28, 2007

Surya the Desi Apprentice: Part 4: Save Surya

The Apprentice: season 6, episode 4

First there was Gandhiji and his hunger strikes, then came Surya. Well let's call a spade a spade, Gandhi never had to try and sell tacos to people. This week's apprentice was marked by Surya actually appearing for a little more than 30 seconds. First he gave up his position to live in the house to opt instead for the slums right outside. What a guy. What a desi. In India this would never happen by the way. An Indian version of the Apprentice would probably have violence breaout when it came time to have someone voluntarily leave a nice mansion. Well I guess that's not really so much an Indian reaction as it is a human reaction, but still....

The second exciting development was that the first signs of Anti-Surya Sentiment (A.S.S.) developing. The A.S.S. showed its ugly rear-end when the team leader Aaron (a white person) labeled Surya (a brown person) as being conservative. Well clearly anyone who saw Surya on the fashion runway a few weeks back or his fantastical fro would not describe him as being conservative. In many ways I can't help but feel that Surya is the same victim of racist taunts and just mean-spiritedness as the patron saint Shipla Shetty was in her Big Brother TV Show experience (she just won it too!). With people like Shilpa leading the way, the future for Indians everywhere looks a little brighter. Why pick on Aaron? Because he's there. Sure Aaron is one of the few normal people on the show that I can stand and he's not really a racist, but it's just a lot more funner to think of him as being evil and sinister. Perhaps I'm just trying to make up a fake race war to drum up some interest, generate some excitment, and in the end have the architect of the war (me) be the sole benficiary. But I ask you this, isn't that the point behind most race conflicts?

Was it not Surya who once said "A threat to a desi anywhere, is a threat to all desis everywhere....unless of course it is Shady Indian Guys at a club who find any reason to drink too much and get in a fight at every single desi party, including the Congress party." Okay maybe he never said that all, but that's neither here nor there.

Surya Quote of the Episode: "Keep on doin' what you're doing."
You know they say Socrates was also a man of few words. But that didn't stop the Greeks from killing him.

Surya lived for another week and so this series of posts shall continue.
Remember Surya, Keep it real. Keep it brown. Keep it gully.

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