Monday, January 22, 2007

Surya the Desi Apprentice: Part 3 - Look mom, he's still on!

The Apprentice: season 6, episode 3

If a cynical person of South Asian origin (i.e. all of them) were only told the following details that "someplace, somewhere there was a great competition involving a desi person which ended with someone voluntarily quitting" their immediate reaction would probably be "Oh that's great, I love talking about the Indian cricket team." Well fear not people, we're not talking cricket…and we're not talking about an Indian being the person who quit.

Such was the high drama that gripped the nation last night. By "nation" I'm speaking of course of the plethora of DVR's that were taping last night's episode of the "Apprentice" while most people were watching the climax to the Colts/Pats game. For whatever it's worth, an Indian did not quit in that game either. There weren't any involved of course. In fact the only two Indians in American pro sports that I know of are Manny Malhotra of hockey's Columbus Blue Jackets and some Indian dude who played WR for the 49ers like way back in the day. But I digress...we can have a comprehensive and illustrative panorama discussion about the history of Indians impacting the American professional sports diaspora when we all have 60 seconds to spare some other time. Back to the Apprentice!

Surya Quote of the Episode: well he didn't really say anything again

Flying lower under the radar than an Air India flight, Surya and the rest of his teammates weren't really threatened to be booted this week, but alas the teaser for next week was an inter-Apprentice romance. Oh snap. Could it involve the great brown hope? Could our dear Surya be the Shahrukh Khan of Sunday Night TV on NBC? Will Abhishek and Aishwariya's engagement last until marriage? Only time will tell.

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The Grouch said...

i am surprised at the sangfroid with which u have chosen not to talk about shilpa shetty.

tell us the real deal; sister-girl. the real stuff, the gobbledygook. all of it.