Monday, January 1, 2007

So, who did you text message at midnight?

It seems that about 3 or 4 years ago text messaging became the preferred method of wishing friends and loved ones a happy new year. There is nothing more personal and intimate then receiving a text-blast (or as my friend Davey says, getting spammed) with the words "Happy New Years" that someone decided to send to their entire address book. Multiply that event by 7 or 8 times and you have a modern New Years celebration. It's really the post-high school equivalent of receiving the infamous phrase "have a cool summer!" in your year yearbook. If the girl was particularly attractive or popular you would then spend the next 3 months over summer examining each detail of her handwriting and reading deeply into the meaning of any hearts or smiley faces that were added in the message.... not that I did that or anything.

people feel festive enough to add an exclamation mark to their wishes by typing "Happy New Years!" As we all know, adding punctuation marks and whatnot takes a few extra seconds on text messagse since you have to scroll through extra characters, so we should take a moment to appreciate the effort that went into such a fine tailored message.

New Years tends to be a time of grave disappointment as for some reason or another everyone that you want to be with isn't there OR you expect something dramatic to happen and it doesn't.

All of this which leads to the question posed in the title, who did you text at midnight?


Shahnazzz said...

You go first.

Shakes said...

oh my. I'll do the questions asking around here

Shahnazzz said...


You drive a tough bargain.

P said...

I called my mother. But only after texting back and forth with my ex

Anonymous said...

i texted a guy next to me from work

Shwetha said...

nokia is for losers.

Shakes said...

oh my. them there be fighting words.