Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Life Moment of the Year #1, Bluffmaster, & my new years resolution

  • Tickets for a New Years Eve Event: $135
  • Airfare & Hotel to Bermuda: $1000+
  • Leaving the formal New Years Eve party at 11:30pm in order to go up to your room, change into swimming trunks, and hit a golf ball into the Atlantic on a deserted beach with four of your friends in time for midnight: Priceless
- - - - -
Say what you will about the Hindi movie "Bluffmaster" but the thing that struck me the most was that rarely do we live life to its fullest. While this is a cliche, the concept struck me most in the way it was told...in particular was the dialogue between a doctor consoling his patient (Abhishek Bachchan) about the fact that he only has 90 days to live. The doctor merely said that in 3 months one can live a lifetime... people who are 30 years old barely really remember 10 or 11 Moments, but if you live life to the fullest you can make more Moments in that short time-span than people have in a lifetime.

Okay so that's a bit dramatic I know, but I like the idea of creating Moments. Moments that you will remember. They don't have to be wild and crazy things, they don't have to be your streaking in the quads, they just have to times when you do something a little bit different than normal and in an odd way end up expressing who you are.

Hence I'd put running to the beach at midnight to be my first life moment of the year. As such my new years resolution is to have 5 Life Moments this year. If I can do that, I will be happy. Why five? Well it's not too much to make me start pretending that I'm going through Life Moments over trivial matters ("remember that time I ate 10 White Castle burgers in 15 minutes, that was a good Life Moment, right?") and yet it enough to force one to go a little bit out of there way every 2-3 months. ,

I'm not saying all this to brag or anything else, I'm just saying it's good once in a while to not lose sight of making memories.

So there you have it, you have my permission, go on, live life. Make it personal or do it with others. You don't have to always be the one who comes up with the idea, you just gotta be able to say to yourself "man, that was pretty cool." Do it for yourself. Do it for Gerald Ford.

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