Wednesday, January 31, 2007

happy first birthday blog

I was watching the commercial for the new Nike basketball commercial, "The Second Coming" (with a dope anthem by Juelz Santana of the same name) and it hit me, aside from my initial test posting, my bloggo is officially one year old. Hooray.

It's been over 304 posting (including this one) and 17,859 hits....which gets to an average of 49 hits per day. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Okay that's enough horn tooting for this year, but truth be told you can expect the following over the course of the next year:

1) more podcasts
2) more hard hitting journalism
3) more posts perpetuating stereotypes
4) more posts mocking other Indians and Indian institutions in a spirited way such that people think I hate my motherland

Oh the future is looking bright. Konichiwa Bitches.


Surya said...

congrats! also, thanks for the continuing updates on me-- I'm sure my mom appreciates it : )

It's funny, last week was pretty far off from reality-- check out this clip they posted that revealed some behind the scenese stuff of me:

Rashmi said...

hold up, is that the REAL surya?? omg i'm reading the same blog as a tv superstar...omg i'm famous!!!

on another note, happy 1st birthday baby blog!

Shakes said...

dude thanks peeps, and yes that is the real Surya. Holler at your boy. Our goal has been to please mummies and daddies everywhere since 1978. Surya I'm just glad as a fellow brownperson that you weren't the one involved in the much hyped first Apprentice romance from last week. Mummy and daddy would've been quiiite disappointed

witnee said...

happy blog birthday! I hope you reach the terrible two's!