Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Lost: my Chapstick

My Chapstick has now been missing for two days. If anyone has any knowledge of it's whereabouts or even hints that it may have been hanging out with someone else's lips, please let me now. I will negotiate a reward if needed. Please I just want my Cherry Chapstick back with its adoreable little white cap. I've posted an artist rendering of it here as well, so hopefully that helps.

To be fair I don't think any human being has actually maintained possession of their Chapstick long enough to actually use the whole thing up. In an odd poetic way Chapsticks are meant to get lost. It's almost like a seasonal metaphor for life: It is better to have moisturized your lips and lost, then to have parched lips forever.

Poignant. Touching. True.


JB said...

Im telling you... I always see my chapstick to the end. You must not have a zipper on your purse

Whitney said...

yeah shakes,
you gotta get your purse zipper fixed.