Friday, December 8, 2006

the first metrosexual

Often times people think that the first metrosexual was David Beckham. I mean the guy is (was?) pretty badass on the soccer pitch and yet he's impecabbly dressed and well groomed. He's an Indian mom's dream come true...minus the whole sport part....and he's of the wrong caste... and he's like not Indian. But aside from that he's great. Well, he hasn't exactly been starting for his club team lately. But I digress...

Now while it's envouge to talk about guys being metro people these days the reality is that there was a role model for this movement that happened much much earlier in our lives. I'm not talking about Rock Hudson. I mean he was a good looking dude, but he just gay, so that pretty much disqualifies him. But I digress. I'm pretty sure we're all familiar with who I'm talking about. Scratch your noggin and don't look at the picture to the right.

That hero of course, is Vanity Smurf.

Just look at him, he's always looking at himself in the mirror, he has a flower in his hair, and kisses people on the cheek. Of like the 100 smurfs he was the only one in seemed to practice any sort of basic personal grooming techniques. (this is a little bit of a skewed statistic of course because there really was only one girl in the whole village, Smurfette, and the rest were male Smurfs...unless you count those Smurf kids that were added in later cartoons). So deep down when you strangely find yourself thinking about getting a pedicure as you're walking by some beauty salon in the mall, just think that it was work of Peyo's Vanity Smurf which implanted those ideas in your head.

...On a sidenote "The Smurfs and Magic Flute" was the first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre


Whitney said...

quite an astute observation my friend.

was smurfette the first "polygmamist"?

Shakes said...

You shut your trap. You don't speak such things about Smurfette

Anonymous said...

The REAL first metrosexual!