Tuesday, December 19, 2006

bring back nelly furtado

Once upon a time Nelly Furtado was sweet and nice. She like a bird, she could only fly away. Then she became all weird like Gwen Stefani and not as sweet. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I don't even recognize her anymore. Woe is me.

I used to think that I would marry Nelly. Now I'm not so sure. Okay I still probably would, but I'd require a dowry now.

These are my thoughts. Discuss.


Shwetha said...

does dimensia run in the family, or is it only you ?

i'm sorry but nelly is hot. she is so totally my go-gay-girl.

in honour of such wonderful alliteration, how are u shakes?

Shakes said...

i am good. i'm just shocked at your nelly admission. now rani mukherjee, that's a girl...
i'm pretty sure i don't suffer from dimensia, but then again if i was i probably wouldn't know.

shwetha said...

i knew it. maharashtrians.
rani karnik


btw, i think there is one around already !
i think its time for bhangra 102 or may be a 109. and my dear its bhangra and not bungra. please.much love.