Sunday, November 5, 2006

smell the flowers but just don't move them

[warning: in case the following post makes you wanna scrape your eyes out, please watch this instead]

Each day millions of people turn to my blog to get deeper understandings of how I view life and interesting comments about Indian society. Sometimes I meet their expectations and other times....well...I end up posting pictures of Indian people with arrow pointing to them announcing how I've spotted desis. Usually I aim to separate my personal thoughts from this place, and I find that I fail...usually.

There are times when I try to desperately get away from everything from my world and it is at those times I end up getting confronted with it the most. Haven't you sat on a earm beach, saw some guy working at a shack who was as happy as could be and wonder "what am I doing?". I was sitting at a wedding reception this afternoon and struck a conversation with a person who told me that she actually was at the train station underneath the WTC on the morning of Sept 11th. She was supposed to be with her boss 100 floors above but she was running behind on some other work. The boss meanwhile was meeting a client who was falling desperately late. When he decided to leave the client happened to walk out of the elevator. The boss, seeing that he was too late for another appointment decided to reschedule the next morning and promptly too the elevator down. Unfortunately the express elevator wasn't working so he had to take it down to like the 78th floor and switch to another "local" elevator. It's at that point the plane hit the tower....a few floors above. If there had been any delay in taking the elevator the boss would've been stuck above the floors of impact.

It is those little things that make you wonder how arbitary a lot of things are. It's those things that make you wonder that perhaps you should be more patient with those around you and take a little time to enjoy the moment. And yet....

With my mom in town I've once again painfully realized that I can be a bit picky and moody at times. It's not that I'm irrational about it (oh no no) but I find that in the dwindling personal time I seem to have I get very much annoyed if someone changes things in my little world. For some reason my mom feels the need to suprise me whenever I come back to my home after work. A new picture hanging here, a new place to put the forks over there. All along are healthy pieces of advice on what to eat, why Coke is poisoning me, and why I need to change my brand of fabric softener. People don't realize sometimes that their helpful bits of advice are really a bit burdensome to those who have to listen. It really boils down to someone telling you that the way you've done things is not as good as it should be. After all, isn't that the underlying basis of most "simple suggestions" are? Or am I being too cynical.

I don't get overly wound up about a lot of things in my personal life merely because I get wound up for a living. It is for that reason that I find it exceptionally taxing when I have prolonged discussions about things that are borderline insignificant. I like to imagine that I'm not alone in this. I'd like to imagine that there are others like this. It's not that I'm indifferent to what's going on around me, I'm just deciding to pick and choose when I should worry about things and when I should just let things be.


Shwetha said...

i heart shakes.

Shakes said...

aww, how sweet. but why do you heart me?