Sunday, November 12, 2006

"...nothing lasts forever in the cold November rain..."

What better way to spend a miserable Sunday than to not goto work, watch "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" (playing like all weekend on Cinemax) and "Roll Bounce" for the 20th time. Even worse is the fact that when it rains I can't take any pleasure out of using my water gun on people...

Okay well if that has you feeling down, do yourself a favor and turn on On-Demand and watch the movie preview for "The Pursuit of Happyness" (misspelling intentional) starring Will Smith. It releases December 15th and after only only seeing a 3 minute clip it's my odds-on favorite to be the movie of the holiday season.

What, what is that you say? You're too lazy to turn the TV on and watch the movie clip? Bakri chod. Okay here's the clip:

...are you crying yet? Okay, maybe a little wattery eyed? See, yet again, I told ya so. So the real question is who wants to be my date to see this when it come out?


Swetha said...

'Naeki aur pooch pooch ' ??


Shakes said...

wait, what does that mean??

Shwetha said...

its hindi. u do the math.

Shakes said...

shot this stinks, no one knows what it means...hmph

Shwetha said...

well well shakes. its a saying in hindi. well it can't be translated, cause then that just sounds gay. but yeah..

its like u go to a six year old kid with a bar of snickers and ask him if he wanted chocolate ?


its like u ask a guy in coach if he wants to bumped up to business..

get the drift ?

Anonymous said...

"naeki" means good deeds

"pooch" means to ask.

so it implies;

if u want to do good deeds to some or do them a favour, you dont have to ask them .


Shakes said...

wait who am i doing good deeds too? i'm so confused? or wait, is someone taking me to a movie? is that a good deed? i'm so confused