Tuesday, November 7, 2006

i'm on the pill

One of the things you can never change about an Indian mom visiting you is that they never cease to tell you everything you're doing wrong in life. It's not so much where does the list of things end, it's where do we even begin. For me an easy point is my eating habits. To say I don't eat very properly is akin to saying that Africa has a lot of black people. It's sorta pointing out the obvious.

My dinners, if I eat them, tend to cheetos and Coke. I once got so bored of food that I just started buying Ensure, the energy drink for old people that has all their nutrients in liquid form so they don't have to chew. I don't really know how to cook but I know people who can cook. There's a Chinese guy, a Mexican guy, a sushi guy, and a fusion guy. They cook for me and I pay them money. It's a lovely relationship really. It's gotten to the point that after hearing my phone name & number the Chinese place automatically say, "okay sesame chicken and noodles...anything else?"

I'm a star.

So it isn't a surprise that within 72hours of my mom staying for me she had somehow obtained a cocktail of vitamins and nutrient pills that I should be taking everyday. If looks like I have the same vitamin regiment as someone 3 times my age. Oh well. In a growing sign that I'm maturing I've decided not to argue with my mom about the necessity of taking all the pills. No one really wins those arguments. Everyone is made worse off. Instead I'll just nod, grin & bear, and wait it out for 14 days. Then I can just tuck the pills into a cabinet never to be seen again. Maybe I'll put it next to my bottle of salt.

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