Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Charlie Brown and me

Many years ago when I was small I watched Peanuts special "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back." Basically it was Peanuts crew going to France and get stuck staying in a barn. Also it rains a lot. Amongst other noteworthy events is a long Snoopy/Red Baron scene. Midway through the show I started crying.

Many years later after I got my first paycheck in New York kids did random things with their hard earned money. Drinking and strip clubs seeemed to be the investment of choice. As for yours truly I bought Voltron and the VHS tapes for the Charlie Brown special. I hadn't watched it in the intermittent years and it was the sheer curiosity that drove me to buy it. What was so sad about the movie that drove me to tears? Surely it's not so bad. Well I put the tape in and blammo...I was nearly crying again. What the hell was going on. It REALLY was sad.

I'm telling you this story not as a way of revealing a weakness that you can exploit for years by demanding barrels of oil and candy, but rather to say that everytime it rains I think of Charlie Brown being stuck in a barn.


Whitney said...

Call me strange BUT the first picture makes me think of the holocaust for some reason.
Is Charlie Brown the Anne Frankie of France in modern cartoon times?

Shakes said...

Charlie Brown, or Chuck if I may be so inclined to call him that, seems to me to be a portrait of post-existential struggle within a cartoon syntax. The "Snoopy" character represented society with it's pragmatic yet oppressing dogmas (no pun intended). As for Linus's blanket, well that was just his security blanket. I mean duh.