Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Autism: The New Black

When I was younger I thought it would be cool to be autistic. Contrary to popular belief, the inability to relate with humans in a normal way is frowned up. Likewise doing muliplication tricks is not a good party trick. Math is frowned upon and so is autism.

I remember watching "Rain Man" and thinking that the only real downside of autism would be having a real craving for watching Jeopardy on a daily basis. This seemed but a minor bump in the road of life. As it turns out the road is not so smooth at all. After learning about autism and it's effects on people I did what any normal human does when they learn of a new illness, I began to identify it in others around me an alarming rate. By the time I finished 6th grade I sorta suspected that nearly half of my class was autistic along with a PE teacher and one campus security guard (Mr. Rule, no pun intended).

As it turns out, many of them were not autistic, they were just socially retarded.


rashmi said...

i am saddened that your blog has come to this.

not to be a supercritical biatch, but this is a bad post.

Shwetha said...

this was uncalled for.
kosmo kramer.


but still shekhar. not cool. no