Monday, October 9, 2006

Spot The Desi #6

America's fastest growing quiz show sensation returns...Spot The Desi!

For those of you new to this, this is a part of my ongoing efforts of helping people develop desar (desi radar) in order to identify P.O.H.I.P's (Places Of High Indian Probability) and subsequently spotting desis

Okay this one is actually pretty easy. For your intermediate and expert level candidates consider yourself shamed if you can't get this one.

Okay so this is the scene:

1. Turkish restaurant
2. People speaking Hindi gibberish
3. One person has big white sneakers

Presto. That wasn't so hard was it?


rashmi said...

hey! what restaurant?! i too was doing turkish and wearing big white sneakers =)

Shakes said...

Turkish Kitchen on the 28th & 3rd Ave

rashmi said...

hey! i was there on fri oct 6th! it could have been me you photographed shakes!!
i was not wearing white sneakers of course, but brown ballet flats. and not with another shady indian guy but with my fam. and not speaking hindi but speaking marathi. okay okay i was speaking english but when i wanted to talk about the people at the table next to us, you better believe marathi was being used =)