Thursday, October 5, 2006

hi this is Roger, i have bad dream and hurt foot

This may be the most ridiculous story to ever hit the newswires...well with the exception of reports involving Mexican entertainers in bee suits.

Oct. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Roger Federer, the top-ranked men's
tennis player, injured his leg while having a nightmare in his
hotel room, then recovered to win a match at the Japan Open in
Tokyo today.

The 25-year-old Swiss hit the corner of his bed and had to
be restrained by his girlfriend Miroslava ``Mirka'' Vavrinec,
who is also his manager, Federer wrote in his ``blog'' for the
men's professional tour. He sustained a bruised tibia.

``I must have had a nightmare. I jumped out of bed and
stood up screaming in a state of shock,'' Federer wrote. ``I did not know where I was, and I ran back and hit the corner of the bed, which is solid wood and sharp. Luckily Mirka was there. She grabbed me and told me to relax.''

Federer, who won three of the four Grand Slams this season to lift his tally to nine overall, later defeated defending champion Wesley Moodie of South Africa 6-2, 6-1 to reach the quarterfinals against Japan's Takao Suzuki. Federer didn't know what triggered the incident, though speculated it was something he drank.

``It was pretty scary for a moment,'' he wrote. ``It's never happened to me before and hope it will never happen again.''
This is awesome. Not only is this borderline extremely embarrassing but who puts this in their blog to see? What kind of person even keeps a blog? Surely they must be shallow and/or lonely. Although studies show that many of them are quite dashing and handsome and don't have a mangalik. Further studies show that they are well-mannered and like having dogs as pets.
But that is neither here nor there. In tribute to Roger. I've decided to make the next several days of my blog in Federer-speak. This will help you, the reader at home, to be able to simulate how it would be like to read Roger's blog. Consider this like a public service for the imagination-challenged. Obviously you could just read his blog directly but what fun would that be?

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