Friday, October 27, 2006

Passenger 19B

There are a lot of pretty people in the world. Careful observations of others and myself have proven this to be a fact. It is also true that these people must fly on planes at some point in their lives. After all, they certainly aren't taking Amtrak. So why can't they ever be sitting next to me? I've always wanted to have a really hot person sit next to me on a plane and frankly it's never happened. The law of averages has affected me only from the perspective that only average people tend to sit next to me. However on my latest jaunt through the friendly skies... oh shnap I just realized why the aircraft company Airbus is called Airbus, it's literally an air bus, how European, but I digress... the arrival of an aforementioned hot person took upon a nearly mythic event. The seat between me (seat 19A) and the friendly college girl (19C) was open until nearly the last two people ran aboard. One was our lady friend in 19B.

Who would've thunk. What a lucky turn of events. The problem though was that she seemed to be with the other guy (also desi) that she came on with. Hmm, was she married? A quick glance at her hand seemed to show no evidence of a ring. Sweetness. That being said I'm sure a lot of you are wondering "Hey, what did you do to take advantage of this 6 hour opportunity?" The answer, absolutely nothing. It struck me that by sitting next to her I couldn't really look at her and furthermore I didn't know what to say. I tried to make a passing joke about my inflight meal (pizza...well at least a doughy cheese and tomato sauce thing) but she didn't seem to understand.

Maybe she was just dumb. Maybe she was sooooo blinded by greatness in such a near viscinity that she could only hope to turn away to save her sight, sorta akin to staring at the sun.

Regardless my hope and/or dreams are over. There's nothing one really can do in a plane. Well, almost.... I did manage to do the most professional and respectable thing possible, and mind you it was only for the sake of this blog, not out of my own personal volition...I managed to take a picture of her with my cell camera in its night vision mode. Again, I was doing this for you, the reader at home. Some may say that that sounds like the actions of a stalker, or at least one sketchy mofo, but I think we can all agree that once cooler heads prevail that taking a picture was indeed the right thing to do.


Shwetha said...

we should travel together ;)
i always get stuck with ugly Japanese men..


speaking of Japanese men,
it just occured to me...



Japanese guys have the smallest Johns.

I think its because of the nuclear bomb.

Quiiiiiiiiite possible.

Shwetha said...

and isn' it vicinity ?

Whitney said...

I think there is a dating service connected with some airlines, where you can see profiles and be matched to sit next to someone that might 'match' you. Of course I saw this on TV, but everything on TV is real. right?

Shakes said...

dude a plane dating service would be incredible. what an idea. but i guess each plane has a limited number of people you'd really wanna meet. furthermore would u have to change your travel schedule to be on flights with more desireably people?

meanwhile shweta while traveling with you would be interesting (seeing as though it's possible that maybe you've already sat next to me and i never knew) it strikes me as quite odd that you know how big a japanese john is. is that an incriminating slip up? maybe you are in fact a japanese male, which in that case means i probably have flown next to you in the past

shwetha said...

ouch, touchy;
are we today?

Nadine Cowpoke Debjo said...

So where is this picture of the lady in 19B?

Shakes said...

oh it's been posted above! and yes shwetha i am a bit touchy. but where are you touching?