Sunday, October 15, 2006

DJ Shakes_2006-10-15 (my morning soundtrack)
theme: from wake-up to work/ my morning soundtrack

A new mix after a long delay!

People often stop me on the street and want to know what it's like to wake up with me...wait a second, that came out wrong... actually I'm not sure what the right connotation would've been. Ahem. What I meant to say is that people have asked me what I listen to in the morning. Instead of answering the question with one or two song names I've decided to drag out the answer to be this week's mix. I figured I'd make a soundtrack of what I like to listen to from the moment I wake up to walk in to work...which turns out to be basically an hour long. We start out with an alarm bell to get you awake to sorta mellow to peppy then soaring and finally battle music preparing you for work...

T R A C K L I S T I N G (approx 58min)

Wake up & brush your teeth! (slow)
[0:00] Alarm bell
[0:25] Midival Punditz - Morning

[1:26] O Saathi Re - from Omkara (Indian)
[4:29] The Association - Never My Love

Shower time (monotonous to peppy)
[7:22] Howie B - Who's Got The Bacon?
[9:43] Lemon Jelly - In The Bath
[14:08] Beck - Think I'm In Love

Getting dressed (trying to smile)
[17:18] Echo Soundsystem - Calma Mamma (GP Mix)
[19:45] Bob Marley - Lively Up
[24:33] Pizzicato Five - Sweet Thursday (hooray for J-Pop!)
[27:12] Tropicando - Les Baxter

Walk outside/ In the train (soaring)

[29:30] Interpol - Untitled
[33:09] Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

[38:03] The Lightning Seeds - The Life Of Riley

Arriving in Manhattan/Walking to work (NY state of mind)

[41:52] The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
[47:30] Rolling Stones - Sympathy For The Devil

At work and waiting forever for my elevator (game time)
[53:31] Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.

One pretty neat thing which was totally unintentional is that this has almost a little bit of every genre. In order it was bells, Indian classical, Bollywood, oldies pop, drum & bass, electronica, alternative, reggae, J-Pop, bossa nova, rock, Euro-rock, oldies rock, and hip hop.

Now isn't that special?

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Shivaji said...

huge fan of the sufjan stevens, chicago. Heard the reference to that in the Snow Patrol song, Hands Open?

Shakes said...

holy shit! i never really picked up on that reference in the second verse. that's a pretty badass catch

Whitney said...

I'm loving the new mix...
but because my commute is not as long as yours I listened to it on the way back too. Walking home from the metro for me, was your time to walk for work. But I needed the energetic build up after a tiring day of listening to my supervisor talk so he can hear his voice continually.

I liiiike. Your mix is niiiiice :)