Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Navratri and why I need new friends

editor's note: the following is another random ethnic rambling, if you want to be properly entertained please skip down to my next posting

I think I need new friends. I've come to this conclusion after I suggested to some of them (Indian ones) that I really wanna go for Navratri this year and no one else did. Navratri is a Hindu holiday which basically celebrates three goddesses. Aside from the religious aspect, it basically is a time of a lot of dancing and whatnot. The particular forms of dance are garba (women basically dancing in a circle with a little bit of flair) and dandiya (sticks) where people use smack little short sticks with rotating partners. All in all it's good clean fun. So to wrap up this quick Hindu 101, this festival happens around the end of September/ early October each year.

If you're in a place with a decent sized Indian community like home in LA, Chicago, or Jersey (aka Little Gujarat) there will be massive dances held for 2 or 3 weekends at this time in high school gyms or some hall. On a side note the Jersey ones are nutso from my personal experience. The one time I went felt like it was a scene out of the Playaz Club from the Chapelle Show. While my friends and I dressed up a little ethnic for the occasion, we basically walked into the Timberland showroom. Every thugged out desi from here to Pennsylvania was in the hizzo.

The whole thing was a bit surreal actually because I couldn't help but feel that all these kids had lost their roots. I mean what happened to these kids. I'm sure they were sweet little kids wearing Payless shoes like I was (Indian parents, much like the Fresh Prince's mom, live by the line "you're only 16 you don't have a rep yet") and now they're like hoodlums. What the hell is going on?

But this is the funny thing, at the end of the day, these kids are still attending a garba. So it's like despite the facade they're the fact that they're there is all that counts. And if you want to discount the fact that maybe most of the guys were there to see girls....well you can't really blame them, they're not so different from me.

As a little kid garbas in general were pretty cool because these were literally the first dances I ever attended. I know this is going to come to a shock to a lot of you, but I really wasn't as "cool" or "hip" as you would think I was. As I got older I sorta lost touch with it the garba scene a bit when I went to high school and college. But now I wanna go more than ever and no one wants to go with me. It is for this reason that I think I need new friends. Alas when I just want to express myself through the art of dance, I am sadly lacking in a company. Can't a man dance when he wants to dance? Is that too much to ask? Upon being painfully rejected, I told several of my friends that I need new ones.

I was hoping that they would take the criticism constructively and try to work at being better people, not just towards me but for all of humanity. Moreover I was hoping that at least one of them would realize that the quick way to appease me would be to just go for Navratri. Sadly no one got the hint. On the contrary, along with a few of them practicing desi nomenclature by calling me a tatti, they were quick to offer up possible locations to find new friends. Furthermore several of them asked if they would be relieved of friendship duties if I were to find new friends

The problem is that no matter how old you get, there is a sacred rule that can never be violated: You can't go to a dance alone. That's just a faux pas of the highest order.

So if you wanna dance, please to be telling me. Horn ok please. Dance partners wanted.


Anonymous said...

karniks are maharashtrians right ?
true, we had a garba party y'day
these gujus can nail a garba pretty neat.

but the aunties, u want to watch out for them.


tatti scene.




u know falguni pathak is gay right ?



Random Bored Person said...

Hmm gay you say?
Though must confess, as a child, I always thought she was a man with a woman's voice.

awww bless the lil desi thugs...seem to have the same attitude and dress sense all over the world! Timberlands....oh but there is the Rockports here as well. Or is that how you spell em? Oh my knowledge of the gangsta makes is appalling.

Shakes said...

oh ho, the return of shwetha! wel-come bacl. yes we karniks are maharashtrans. jai hind, jai maharashtra, jay-z! as far as my bored friend, i don't think desi thugs here t really wear rockports... unless they're like some 50year uncle thugs. several years ago i tried to give this girl the nickname falguni, for no other reason than the fact that it's sorta an odd name. she didn't take it too well.

Random Bored Person said...

you nicknamed a girl 'Falguni' and you wonder why you have no friends....
oh my!

:O shock horror! the building I shall be moving into has been found to be contaminated with legionella bacteria and has been shut down.I'm homeless before I even leave home! And 'tis supposed to the university at the top of the league table!!!

Shwetha said...

et tu Shakes ?

hows it going ? did u manage to get any new friends over navratri ?

I love navratri, but the whore navratri doesnt let u eat any meat.

that sucks big time ....




Shakes said...

honk honk. I didn't get any new friends nor did i get any of the old ones to go for navratri. where were you? meanwhile i like to imagine that the devis are really quite happy when I eat chicken. i have a good imagination. quiiiiite good.

honk honk.

Anonymous said...

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