Monday, September 4, 2006

If you were your own Roger Hargreaves character....

In the past I've mentioned that using stereotypes is a useful way of getting to know someone in a quick period of time. Furthermore more often than not, it's perfectly correct.

However people often say to me "Hey Shakes, I like you. You're a good, honest, decent young man. What are some other good ways of quickly formulating character sketches?" Well I'm glad you asked. I have two words for you: Roger Hargreaves.

For those of you who may have forgotten, Roger Hargreaves is the guy who made the timeless children's books series with all the one-dimensional characters. Mr. Bump. Mr. Lazy. Little Miss Naughty, Mr. Tatti, etc. etc.

Basically unlike other good children's books that try to teach you that everyone is special in many ways and that we can all find something to like about another person, Hargreaves taught us that all people are shallow and mono-faceted. Therefore they books are the fundamental starting points for all stereotypes and judgements.

It is this thinking that would end up affecting how all people in California would be like. That being said I think you can characterize all people as being someone from one of these books. Also in many ways i think it promotes racism. I mean the books have all these words but i just see colors: a purple man, a blue man, and so on and so forth.

All of this brings me to my question, what character would you be if you had to label yourself with only one trait. Would it be your hair or your (Mr. Fuzzy Hair) or your desire to kill leprechauns (Mr. Irish Assasin)? Would your fear of water (Miss Hydrophobic) outweigh you love of pandas (Mr. Pandaphile)? Such are the questions that only you know.

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culturedrone said...

that's funny. i do remember those, and i'm pretty sure i even had a "little miss naughty" nighty. that is a nightgown depicting the little miss, and not a character defined by provocative sleepwear.