Monday, November 20, 2006

fun times

There is nothing funnier than the thought of pranks in someone's home. Perhaps you can rearrange their dishes in the kitchen. Perhaps you can put silly string in their living room. But here's an idea to take it to the next level: bear repellent.

According to The Sierra Club "The proper use of bear pepper spray will reduce human injuries caused by bears, reduce the number of grizzly bears killed in self defense, and help promote the recovery and survival of the grizzly bear." Bears are a big problem. It's time we eradicate them.


AB said...

speaking of tatti,

for a country with a significantly large number of indian ppl, u choose to name a website dedicated to essence of the "American spirit " tatti ?

Providence divine, presumably.

Shakes said...

hahahaha, that's too funny. let us not forget that Italians also felt that was a good name for a restaurant...Cafe Tatti..(a post way back in the day)