Friday, September 8, 2006

elevators & how people are like dogs

Why is it that everytime you're waiting for an elevator people feel the need to press the elevator button even if it's already pressed? It's sorta like dogs marking their territory, and pressing the button is akin to peeing. People feel like somehow by pressing the button they are announcing their arrival into the elevator lobby and are showing that they too need to change floors. This current floor that we're all standing on is beat, let's blow this joint and find a new floor. For some reason if I'm the only person standing there and they still feel the need to press the button I feel weirdly insulted. What's the matter, is my act of pressing not good enough? Bakri chods.

Some people will really act like jerks because they'll do the quick double button press. You know, similiar to crosswalks, it's not like the elevators are responsive to frantic pressings. You're not going to be changing floors any quicker by pressing it like a spastic.

Elevators in general make me think of two stories in my life. However for the sake of brevity I shall only tell one of you today. I know this will keep you in suspense as you can only imagine what the other story might be. Well in any case come along with me while we explore my wild and crazy life, together:
One of the boringest jobs in the world must be the role of the elevator man. In India where every job can use the extra help of two more people (try going to any store and you'll see what I mean) most office buildings have an elevator dude. A couple of years ago in Bombay a bunch of the guys were protesting the fact that they weren't getting paid enough or they threatened to boycott their posts inside the elevator. Lo and behold push finally came to shove and they didn't show up to work. This may have been the most ill conceived walkout in worker history because no one really noticed. In fact it was a lot better having one less person in the elevator.
Space is good. Remember that children.

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