Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spot the Desi: Desis On A Plane

What could be far scarier than snakes on a plane? If you answered "Nothing!" then you're a big fat loser...AND a person who answers trivia questions wrong. Or as they say down south, you don't answer 'dem too goodly. Which brings to mind another interesting question, when a man and woman from the south divorce, are they still considered brother and sister?

Back to the point Indian people at an airport are perhaps one of the
scariest things to witness. The classic signs of desis is the fact that any FAA or airline regulations on luggage size or amount of check-in items is completely disregarded. The goal of course is to act like they are completely oblivious to such rules and hope that the airport people don't realize either.

It's a bold strategy. It's funny though because part of me thinks that it's incredible that desis can consistently pretend that the rules don't apply to them, but after you watch it repeatedly you' have to think at some point that these people really believe that. I mean have you ever tried to wait in a line (or "queue") in India before? Exactly! No one has. You just crowd the front of the place you're trying to get into. If you were from a country of a billion people waiting in line would mean that you'd never get served.

The problem is that this mentality doesn't really apply for the rest of the free world and as such pesky details like "rules" apply...Indian or not. As such you get these awesome airport scenes like the one here, of Indians opening their bags and throwing out non-essential items at the last second to get their bags under weight limits. The items may include, but are not limited to, the following:
1) economy sized container of Tiger Balm
2) Parachute hair oil
3) Hajmola the digestive super tablets of choice!
4) pickles
5) pani puri mixture

And of course after they're done removing items from their bags then have to go through the chore of re-tying the ropes around their bags and boxes. This is a trademark Indian manuever. Whenever you're at the baggage claim and you spot a bag wrapped in ropes, you know it must be a desi bag.


Anonymous said...

Putting ropes on your bag is also helpful for gripping the bag when you're carrying it

Prakash said...

Why would someone traveling to India carry Tiger Balm back with them?

Anonymous said...

i thk taht shakes suck ,dude whr u from ???? a place whr evry body stands in line to fuck ur mom