Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto, R.I.P. (1930-2006)

Pluto, the servant planet, is no longer a planet according to the International Astronimical Union. Yet again unions have caused a disruption in our normal lives and regular market forces. Technically Pluto is now called a dwarf planet. ain't no real planet.

The picture to the right is a Hubble image of Pluto (and its moon Charon) during its happier times when it was a planet and "still counted."

Pluto could not be reached for comment since the IAU's ruling in the Czech Republic earlier today. In a related story millions of elementary students are thrilled because their mini solar system diaramma due next Monday got a lot easier because they only have to make 8 planets revolve around the sun instead of 9.


witnee said...

I guess size really DOES matter.

culturedrone said...

i can't imagine what Pluto must be feeling right now.

Shakes said...

yeah it must be awful. it's like watching a girl who just lost the voting for prom queen. you wanna look but yet you feel that the pain is too much. plus the whole thing sucks for Pluto's lil astro biznatch (aka it's moon). what becomes of that? now it's just a piece of icey rock.