Sunday, August 6, 2006

I'll talk famous Sikhs for $100

Here's a story which may have slipped by the wayside,...

As we come upon the fifth year anniversary of bad shit happening in New York (I hate calling it "9/11" because just the numbers alone invoke image of wannabe-aspiring-holier-than-thou political commentators) and racism towards Muslims & Sikhs (or well really anyone brown) seemed to be at a recent high.

Well right now people in England are cheering for a new Sikh hero, cricketer Monty Panesar. He's a spin bowler who's currently destroying the Pakistani batting order, taking 8 wickets in the first Test (that's a lot). Oh yeah, did I mention that he is the first Sikh to ever play for England? But then again, racism isn't exactly new to cricket or exclusive to England. People used to criticize India decendents in the West Indies who would cheer for the Indian team and not their home team, and their response was simple: "There aren't any Indians on the West Indies team...and it's not because of a lack of available talent." Likewise if you watch South African teams, they were basically all-white.

That being said this is an issue which is done an injustice to have such a cursory overview here. For example let's change the roles a little bit, if I were to ever play in the NBA I'd be the first Indian player. But have Indians been held out of the pro ball because of racism? Nope. It's just that that there are people who are bigger and better. Now if you zoom to the world of S'African cricketers it may be a question of opportunity and that those who were given the opportunity may just be the best cricketers around. But clearly there are/were racial overtones as to who gets the chance at an opportunity.

Anyhoo, that's is my deep thought for the day. You can now go back to snorting glue.

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