Saturday, August 26, 2006

I wish were wiretap worthy

Lo and behold our President recently "found out" from the Supreme Court that his program of wiretapping is in fact illegal. Go figure. Who would've thunk? As it turns out our constitution does come in handy once in a while...

But that is besides the point, the real question is that I don't even think I'm wiretap worthy and that sorta makes me sad. Having your phones wiretapped means that you say important things on the phone. Having your phones wiretapped means that you have shit going down in your life. Having your phones wiretapped means that you have arrived. The fact that I've never been even considered for wiretapping (as far as I'm aware) means that everyone knows my life is pretty much bland...and now even the President knows about it. What an ass.

If I was even considered for wiretapping my phone conversations would reveal these interesting bits of dialogue:
  • Saturday, 9:15 am EST: "Mom! Quick! Turn on Showbiz Indian on the International Channel... what's the name of the actress dancing in the rain in the pink? She's hot."
  • Tuesday, 11:33pm EST: "hey Danny, are you watching the Dodgers game or the's 3-2 in the 5th inning...this is going to be a wild night"
  • Tuesday, 11:38pm EST: "Danny! dude the Cosby Show is on Nickelodian!"
  • Tuesday, 11:39pm EST: ", Cockroach is the shit."
  • Sunday, 3:07pm EST [cell phone]: "Mom, how come at the India Day parade there was a float that advertised getting Doordarshan as a pay channel on satellite, I wouldn't even want to watch that channel if it was free...haven't they damaged enough Indians over the years when it was the only channel available until the advent of....drum roll.... DD2?"
  • Wednesday, 10:05pm EST: "Hey dad, I'm eating Coke and Starbursts for dinner again..."
It doesn't really get much more dramatic than that. Unfortunately as it stands, I ain't getting wiretapped anytime soon. Sucks to be me.


ab said...

9:00 am long distance phone call
from ludhian to singapore

" have u gone for boo "?
"no, not as yet mom"
"beta, tum log kab seekho ge"
'u must go in the morning , i tell u, your day will be better"
"bye, mom"

ab said...

dude, check this out ..

Shakes said...

hahaah, that's tooo funny